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HYDRATE Drinking Enough Water is a Top Priority for Good Health

DRINK_WATERWater is a major life source of the human body. Second only to oxygen, water is among the body’s primary needs, required more than food since you can survive weeks without eating but only a few days without water. 

Every system in your body relies on water to run smoothly. Water transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, aids in food digestion, regulates your body temperature, and removes wastes and toxins from your body. Water prevents constipation, cushions your joints, protects organs and tissues and cools down the body. Continue reading

Tips to Avoid Dehydration When Exercising in Hot Weather


Summertime exercise enthusiasts who enjoy burning calories during workouts in the heat need to be careful they don’t lose vital nutrients as well, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the Mayo Clinic.

Did you know that a pickup game of basketball or an afternoon jog during hot, humid weather on a sultry summer day could put your health at risk? Under normal circumstances, your body is able to adjust to the heat. However, prolonged exposure to rising temperatures makes it harder for your body to keep cool, which puts you at risk for heat cramps, dehydration, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. When you are sweating heavily during exercise and your body loses large amounts of water, it’s easy to become overheated and unable to perform to your full potential. Continue reading