Hooray, It’s May! Hayes Clinic New Website Launches!


Despite the recent plunge in the temperature, spring is finally here.  Leaf buds and flowers are beginning to adorn the Lamar County countryside.  Starting the garden, cleaning out the gutters, weeding out the coat closet – change is in the air and spring is about taking action after winter’s hibernation. 

Making changes is what we are all about at Hayes Clinic.  We’ve given our website a facelift and are launching it this month.  The new site includes our same online store with diet, nutritional and skin products, but the store will offer special interactive feature for our patients, like a Wish List and Price Watch feature.  Another new feature of the site is this weekly blog for our patients and followers.  Check it out!  We’re mighty proud! We hope you enjoy it!

May is National Re-commitment Month — National Re-commitment Month involves reviewing goals you set back in January, typically associated with health and well-being.  Are you where you want to be with your weight and fitness level?  There nothing wrong with starting over and recommiting — you are still heading in the right direction…and we’re here to help.

This month we’re going to look at some ways to help you revisit your original weight loss goals and stay on track.

Along the same lines, we’re presenting some spring cleaning ideas, not for the world around you, but for your body and mental spirit.  Face it, no one is born knowing exactly how their body works and most people go through their entire life never really understanding how to make the most of the body they were given.  The information is out there, but it’s often difficult to sift through the hype and misinformation that plagues the weight loss industry.  That’s the primary reason Dr. Hayes opened Hayes Clinic fourteen years ago.

Weight management under medical supervision is not only an excellent way to learn about your body and all that is required to promote good health, but we help you to attain that much desired “change” you are working so hard for.  Without the proper knowledge concerning your basil metabolic rate (BMR), normalizing blood sugar levels, calorie balance and expenditure, how in the world do you expect to take on and master those hard to reach weight loss goals all by yourself? 

If you’re stuck at a plateau or simply have the desire to lose weight…to really change…you should consider making an appointment with Dr. Hayes now before summer sets in and it’s time to break out those shorts and bathing suits! 

We wish you a bright and shining new season and a “clean sweep” in your life.  We’re here to help you each step of the way.  Spring it on!  Yay it’s May!

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