Summer fun with good food

Do not let summer fun sabotage your weight loss goals or lead to weight gain. Summer can be a challenging season for those of us struggling to lose weight or maintain weight. We have lots of things to celebrate with barbecues, pool parties, boating, and vacations. Many of the celebrations we attend involve food and drink that can derail mindful healthy eating. Most often we have no control of the food choices offered us during these celebrations. Here are some tips to keep your weight goal on track.

  1. If you are unsure if there is going to be a heathy choice of food offered at the event then offer to bring a healthy entree or snack. Something you will eat!
  2. Bring your own beverage and when offered one of those yummy high calorie sweet drinks politely decline by saying “no thank you, I brought my own yummy drink”. ( I love my Yeti cup for this).
  3. Always bring plenty of water with you. For some reason many functions do not offer flavored water or any water! We need more water in the summer because we lose water through heat and perspiration.
  4. Stay mindful of the food choices you make. Before the event know just how many calories you need, so you can stay on goal. For example, know how many calories are in potato salad, coleslaw, brisket, grilled hamburgers, chips, and cheesy filled veggies/dips.
  5. Do not go to any event hungry or you will be tempted to overeat foods that will lead to weight gain.
  6. Vacations usually involve eating at a restaurant and following up with a great ice cream choice in a beautiful setting. If you know the restaurant check out the menu prior to going so you know which food choice will best meet your goal. Be persistent in picking the restaurant so you can choose one that offers fish, salads, and whole foods. If you get stuck at an establishment that does not offer healthy choices then try and do damage control by eating only half the portion. And of course you can have ice cream once in a while. One dip in a bowl. Preferably sherbet or low fat soft yogurt. Most of all find your vacation joy in the sites and ones you are with. It is not about the food!!